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Wed 16 Nov 2005 20:29 From:
Hello, In the book of Zakiev M.Z "Origin of Türks and Tatars" First Part ORIGIN OF TÜRKS the Recap (61) in the Fifth chapter is messing as in English as in Russian! رَاحْمَت (Rakhmat).

Tue 11 Oct 2005 21:28 From:
Hello Mustafa. Before the Ottomans capture Bulgaria, there was a Cuman (Turkish) state in the territory. The Terteri and Shisman dynasties were from Cuman people. I think that your ancestors are amnong Pecheneg or Cuman people occupied Bulgaria before the Ottomans come. Regards Niyazi

Sat 1 Oct 2005 08:57 From:
Hello, Mustafa, You are right, the Türks are documented in Bulgaria at least from the Atilla's time, and there are multiple references about the tribes and their location, in the pre-Mongilian time, during Kipchak Kanaate time, and in the early Ottoman times. The idiotic religious/nationalistic excesses of the 19th and 20th century brought about some ridiculous consequences, like Russia importing from Bulgaria to Moldova Christians, and getting Türkic Gagauzes, which they understood only half a century later, to their utter embarasment, for one example. They deported Türkic Nogays from the Budjak steppe, and instead they got Türkic Gagauzes, who were always together with the Slavic Bulgars. What Bulgars did in 1989 is a big tragedy both for them and people like you. By ethnically cleansing their history, they made themselves, their rich history poorer. If you know your history, they can't make you poorer. For Islam, the Jizyah tax made Moslem not only Türks, but a lot of Christians too. In converting, they were taking Arabic names. Ünal does not seem to be Arabic, though. Regards, Norm

Fri 30 Sep 2005 19:03 Mustafa Ünal From: Turkey Istanbul
Hello, It's fascinating. Thanks for the good job. I have question concerning the current Turkish minority in Bulgaria. Could we say that this people (or at least part of them) are the native (not assimilated among the Slavs) people of Asparuh? I was born in Bulgaria and due to the political confrontation at that time have always been looking to find an answer to this question who we are? After the change of the names of all Turkish speaking people in the country with Christian ones in 1989 my father have made a research to find the origin of our family. We went seven generations back but could not found any sign which can prove the officially claimed "Christian origin". It's difficult to believe that everything from the so called proto Bulgarians had disappeared most probably when they met the Ottomans and have heard the common language of this people were easily convinced to accept the Islam as well. Looking for you comments. Thanks, Mustafa

Thu 22 Sep 2005 03:33 From:
Dear Engin, thank you for your good words. Sorry, I do not think that I can help you with "Shamanist beliefs", because Shamanism does not exist, it is simply a derogatory label on the same level as "Papism", "Mohameddanism", "Rabbinism" etc. applied by people who know everything, or at least the absolute truth in the area of teology, in respect to others holding "wrong" views. The basic tenets of the Tengrianism, and the ritual functions of shamans and kams, are cited here in the Turkicworld pages. The people who still follow these beliefs hold their content as much true as do those who follow "Papism" etc., and naturally there are geographical and cultural differences between their beliefs, frequently studied in the contexts of ethnographic research, but always from a somewhat superior stance. An Internet search may bring you to textbooks on comparative religions available in your location, but I doubt if they would contain specific material about the beliefs of spacifically Turkic people. Thanks, Norm

Wed 21 Sep 2005 20:45 Engin From:
Hello! I'm interested in knowing about different Shamanist believes of some Turkic peoples, differences and common points comparing to others. And also Turkic Peoples from other religions like Christian, Jewish, Buddhist. Could anybody help me? By the way, congratulations for that nice and very professional web page about Turkic People. I think itís very useful to learn about this ancient world which is not connected and is lost in their relationships between them in time. Thanks a lot. Best regards. Engin

Mon 29 Aug 2005 05:48 Altay Uzman From: Turkey Istanbul
This site has in-depth information which seems to be highly accurate but unfortunately is largely unkown. This site does justice the the land of Turan and the Turkic world as well as it's people, well done to whomever made it. But it would be great if the site got a re-vamp and was designed far more clearly that would to the proffessional content justice. regards...

Sat 27 Aug 2005 04:33 From:
Dear Sat 27 Aug 2005 anonimous complainer, thank you for your feedback. I would love to have Turkish version also. Would you be interested to help with translation? Your Turkish is good. Thanks, Norm

Sat 27 Aug 2005 02:32 From:
Bu siteyi hazirlayan muhterem , burada neden Turkce yok? Neden sadece Ingilizce ve Rusca konusanlara hitap ediyor? Anlayamadim , ama guzel bir calisma.

Fri 19 Aug 2005 22:21 Meneldil From: France
Very good site. A lot of really useful informations. Unhappilly, the maps of Khazar are broken.

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