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Tue 3 Mar 2009 10:55 From:
, !

Fri 27 Feb 2009 10:40 Marly From: USA X-man
Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!

Fri 27 Feb 2009 10:38 WARLOCK From:
, , . ( , :))

Fri 27 Feb 2009 10:35 Arif Ismet Vidinli From: Turkiye Bodrum
I feel myself very much obliged to M. Zakiev and to all contributors for creating this prceless web site. It enabled me to step out from the small hut, which the western would be historikers allocated us, out to the wide world, to the Turkic World. Through this site I have now access to inmeasurable information about our magnificent history and culture. Furthermore to valuable leads for further readings. Thanks again. Arif Vidinli(70 years old)

Mon 9 Feb 2009 10:40 From:
Thank you for sharing your findings. you are right in most sence.. Marseille> MARA_SI_LI_YA ,means > A living place near seaside. MARA> A place where god-RA lives > SEA/from Phonecians ( MA is for mahalle in trkish ) SI> place,as in city> SI_TA_YA> a living place at far, LI > light > light of houses > living > LI_ving, YA > Yasam (in turkish) > life... MA,RA,SI,LI,YA are all originaly root or beter say pro-turkish meanings.. By the way...: BYE-BYE > BA_YA-BA_YA is originaly a root-turkish oriented word..: BA is for to go ( BA> Basmak,gitmek) in turkish, YA is for life=yasam(in tr.)as before mentioned.. so, BA_YA > BYE means GO_in_LIFE, ie. go_in_healthy , a purely pro-turkish originated word.. NIAGARA > NI_a_GA_R > blue coloured big rock,in tr. remember river NIL > NI_LI > blue lighted, in egypt.. and many others.. sorry, if I have disturbed you, best wishes for all.......
Dear Anonimous, Since there are too many linguistic interpretations, I suggest that you share your knowledge with people who work in that area. We have examples, like Zelenchuk Inscription, that read the same text in four different languages belonging to three language families, seems that there is little what can't be in good faith scientifically interpreted in any language, be it IE, Altaic, or Marsian. I wish you follow on on your explorations, good luck

Tue 9 Dec 2008 04:55 From:
Sorry, but you talk an incredible amount of nonsense. You are trying to prove the whole world spoke Turkish at one time or another. Marseille derived from bars el ? So there were Turks in the south of France around 600 BC ? Funny. Please react.
I would not be surprized if some guesses expressed by different authors were wrong, and some patently wrong, and some funny. I also believe that every explorer has a right for an error in some detail. In case of Marseille the error may or may not be evident. I notified the author, received a response with explanations, and added a proper comment on the page, thank you. Other examples of incredible amount are remaining your secrets until you disclose them. Thank you

Mon 10 Nov 2008 12:43 From:
Dear sir Can you recommend me some books in English on the Muscovite culture,life and costume(15th-17th century), eapecially those books which can expound the turkic or eastern influence on Muscovite costume and life clearly. Sincerely Li Jielin
Unfortunately, I can't be helpful, this subject is outside of my interests. With my apologies, I wish best in your studies. Thanks, Norm

Sat 18 Oct 2008 04:17 assiliast From:
! !

Mon 12 May 2008 17:09 ADNAN ATABEK From: Türkiye Bursa
Bu kadar gzel bir Trk Trihi derlemesi grmedim. Devletler bile yapamad rahat etti. Yapanlar sa olsun. Ben; M. Zakiev Bey ile yazmak istiyorum. Kendisinin elektronik posta adresini bana verebilir misiniz? Sayg ve sevgilerimle,

Sat 12 May 2007 01:18 KIM JIN HWAN From: SOUTH KOREA Seoul
Ϳ.. ݴϴ. Ʈ Ű Ӹ ƴ϶ ٸ Ϲ ƽþư 鿡Ե ִ ڷԴϴ. WOou!! It's wonderful site that you have created. I think this site will help not only turkish people but also all peoples of norther asia continent. Do you know maybe my contry name is come from khan because all referencies of ancient korean history is connect with turk culture. Ti ringrazio tanto.. perche finora non c'era possibilita di trovare la relazione fra la cultura etrusca e l'Asia // ȳ..

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