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Wed 1 Feb 2006 00:25 From:
ALANS are of ARYAN origin, in the sense that they belong to the larger IRANIAN nations. They share a common history, culture, and language origins. So you should remove them from the list of Turcic populatio.

Sat 21 Jan 2006 12:15 Allen Butler From: U.K. Aberdeen
I read in your entry for year 1066 that you may be saying that the Alans haplogroup is R1b. If you accept that the Ossetians are descendants from the Alans then it more likley that the Alans are haplogroup G. R1b is the most common haplogroup in western europe and is more likley to reflect tribes other than the Alans.

Fri 16 Dec 2005 04:34 From:
Dear Turhan, thank you for your comment. In fact, the author follows the Russian 19th c. fake about the Chuvashe-linguality of the Bulgars, and uses Chuvash comparisons when there are clearer and better other Tyurkic coincidences. Welcome to a good company that calls a fake a fake. Norm

Thu 15 Dec 2005 00:28 Turhan Tisinli From: USA Raleigh, NC
You say: ------------ "Among the Slavic languages, Slovak has a unique sanka "lower jaw", which can be of the Chuvashian origin, as there is Chuv. sanka "forehead bone". The root of this word is the Old. Türk. čana "jaw", "sledge", but the extension -k is present only in the Chuvashian and Slovakian languages." ------------- In fact Iraqi Turkmen use "çeneke" for lower jaw. But "çene" is also used in sayings, like "çene çalmak" which means "yanşamak" = "gevezelik etmek" = to talk to much; chitchat. Iraqi Turkmen carries some traces of Kipchak.

Wed 14 Dec 2005 04:28 From:
Dear Tarik, I understand that M.A. says that God is one, the word "God" is called differently in different languages, and Türks used many languages, so in Arabia they said "Allah", and in Israel "Alohim", and in Persia "Hodai", and in Russia "Bog", and in US "God", etc. Tengri is one and the same in all languages. See about the names. I hope I am not distorting M.A.'s meaning. Thanks, Norm

Mon 12 Dec 2005 10:27 Tarik Gunersel From: Turkey Istanbul
A very interesting and useful website. Thank you. In the chapter about Tengrianism Murat Adji says that the word 'Allah' is related to the Turkish word 'al' . But isn't 'Allah' a version of Arabic el-ilah (or 'al-ilah') that means ''the god'? Best regards.

Mon 5 Dec 2005 02:59 From:
Dear (Rakhmat), I thought initially that the summary of Part 1 would be redundunt for anybody who have read the book, and did not post it. But thanks to your comment, I re-read it and better appreciated its expressiveness and brevity, and now it is included. Thanks,Norm

Wed 16 Nov 2005 20:29 From:
Hello, In the book of Zakiev M.Z "Origin of Türks and Tatars" First Part ORIGIN OF TÜRKS the Recap (61) in the Fifth chapter is messing as in English as in Russian! رَاحْمَت (Rakhmat).

Tue 11 Oct 2005 21:28 From:
Hello Mustafa. Before the Ottomans capture Bulgaria, there was a Cuman (Turkish) state in the territory. The Terteri and Shisman dynasties were from Cuman people. I think that your ancestors are amnong Pecheneg or Cuman people occupied Bulgaria before the Ottomans come. Regards Niyazi

Sat 1 Oct 2005 08:57 From:
Hello, Mustafa, You are right, the Türks are documented in Bulgaria at least from the Atilla's time, and there are multiple references about the tribes and their location, in the pre-Mongilian time, during Kipchak Kanaate time, and in the early Ottoman times. The idiotic religious/nationalistic excesses of the 19th and 20th century brought about some ridiculous consequences, like Russia importing from Bulgaria to Moldova Christians, and getting Türkic Gagauzes, which they understood only half a century later, to their utter embarasment, for one example. They deported Türkic Nogays from the Budjak steppe, and instead they got Türkic Gagauzes, who were always together with the Slavic Bulgars. What Bulgars did in 1989 is a big tragedy both for them and people like you. By ethnically cleansing their history, they made themselves, their rich history poorer. If you know your history, they can't make you poorer. For Islam, the Jizyah tax made Moslem not only Türks, but a lot of Christians too. In converting, they were taking Arabic names. Ünal does not seem to be Arabic, though. Regards, Norm

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